Case Studies

Here are some small descriptions of past cases I've worked.

Batch contract emission

automation, microsoft-word, excel-vba, vba

While I was working one of my previous job, our company faced this problem: there was an enormous amount of issued contracts (thousands) which required corrections.

To correct them the company was using a model word document which was filled based on the data acquired from the company's systems.

I automated this whole process: instead of collaborators manually filling the model document, here's what I did:

1) Created a spreadsheet which would gather the necessary information from all of the contracts;

2) Through VBA, the spreadsheet then checked all of the information to look for any incorrect entries, highlighting wrong data;

3) After all corrections were made, the VBA macro would automatically fill the model document, producing a .DOCX and a .PDF of the final, corrected contract, which was then printed.

Before this intervention, the company was able to process an average of 5 contracts in a day. After it, this number increased by an order of magnitude.

Automation of data entrance in webpage

automation, microsoft-excel, excel-vba, vba, data-

Based on the results of the previous project (see the portfolio item "Data organization, treatment and display") the client then had all they needed to automate the entrance of the results into a webpage.

The webpage in question whas the Franchise's control system, where the entered data would be compared to their internal state (balance of products in inventory).

The client was having problems due to unmatching entries, meaning that even with the right data, the collaborators would input wrong numbers into the webpage.

I then automated this process through Excel VBA. By creating a browser Instance I was able to connect to the webpage and fill the proper inputs automatically.

Before this improvement, the client had problems of inconsistent entries in ALL of the previous attempts. After I automated - I'm glad to mention - they never again had any wrong entry.

Data organization, treatment and display

data-analysis, microsoft-excel, excel-vba

The client was having trouble to manage all the inventory movements in their stores.

They had separate areas for different items, therefore it was lacking proper control of entrances/removals from those areas.

I solved this problem in 2 phases:

1) By building a easy-to-use data entry table that the workers used to input data.

2) From the gathered data, I built other tabs on the spreadsheet which uses Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to facilitate visualisation and management of inventory movements.

With this service, the company was able to reach 99.8% accuracy in their inventory control, up from the 90~92% range which was before.